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You LOVE your business.

But, you’ve probably been frustrated because your passion for it is not converting into customers. You feel inauthentic and maybe kinda spammy when you post nowadays, so social media feels icky and annoying.


Or maybe you're posting consistently, but you're exhausted and frustrated because *crickets* no one is in your inbox! And perhaps you had success before, but now you’re like... WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK?!


Sound familiar? Well, then it’s time to get the wheels turning! 

Want to learn EXACTLY how to build a social selling business on Facebook... WITHOUT feeling weird, losing your authenticity, or sacrificing your priorities?  Grab my strategy guide!

I am grateful to say that I have been a top personal enroller consistently in the direct sales industry, averaging 2-5 new people ordering with me per week, for 10+ years without being a "viral" influencer or having paid ads for my business, ever. I say this respectfully to let you know that I am not a guru with a college education in marketing... actually, I am a college dropout who decided to hone in on my superpower & focus on building connections (more on that later) to authentically lead to the sale.


Heart & Hustle.

In these pages, I am going to walk you through my "formula" that I teach to my personal team and to the members in the Inner Circle I am a coach for. These are the exact strategies I also use every day for my personal network marketing business, as a top enroller. If you pop into my stories and/or on my FB profile, you will see me in real-time doing exactly what I teach. I am going to share some perspectives and processes that will empower you to evolve this into your own formula that works for you as your business grows, too.

The truth is, some of the strategies that worked pre-pandemic ARE expired now. That is why I want to give you what’s working for me today. And the good news is... you can apply the strategies and principles I am teaching you, onto whatever social media platform you prefer.

My goal is to show you a way to grow your business in a classy and authentic way without the icky feeling, without feeling overwhelmed, and without coming across as spammy. And, actually get results, too!


When you implement this formula & practices, consistently, you WILL see results in your business. Pinky swear. I am proud of you for taking the step to grow your business the right way - and build it to last. Let's go!


Your friend, 

Laura  🧡

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I pinky swear not to share your info with anyone, only send stuff I think you'd like to know about, and you can, of course, opt out anytime! ☺︎  

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