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I met my husband Jeremy when I was 15.  I asked him to marry me when I was 16, and he said no! 🤯 When I was 17, he asked me to marry HIM (hey, the fortune is in the follow up, right?! 😆).   We got married when I was 17.5, right after he completed boot camp & combat training as a United States Marine. 

After we were married, we moved from Texas to Camp Pendleton and he served in the Marines for several years before transitioning to corporate America in the IT industry.

We have been married for 29 years and have two amazing adult kids together— Mason is 27 and Mekenna is 24.  

I have been in the direct sales industry since 1999.

But it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows.🥹

In fact, when I first started in direct sales, I did home parties. I was also a total introvert that was majorly afraid of speaking in front of crowds.  I dabbled for my first several years, not really taking my business seriously - partly because I was scared, and partly because I didn't need to.


Until I did. I actually used FOOD STAMPS to host a re-launch party during one of the lowest points of our life financially. 


I ditched the queue cards I brought to my events, decided to just show up and be my authentic self focused on helping others shop for what they want, and see what happens.  And it worked.  My customers had fun, I had fun (and I didn't die)!  After that, I saw the potential in social selling and the fire was lit!  

After earning trips, trophies, and awards, I also spent about 10 years with the corporate side of the profession.  To say that I've seen the guts of the profession would be a total understatement. 😂

laura fam fall 2021.jpeg

When social media became the norm, I leveraged that skill in selling with authenticity over to social selling, and haven't looked back since.  Connecting with TONS of people, from wherever you have internet, to help them and make friends all over the world? In comfy clothes?  This is the way.  My husband retired from corporate America in 2016 at the age of 42, 5 months after I joined my current network marketing company, transitioning into the role of CFO of our businesses.  

However, I continued my remote-career as President of a global networking organization for female entrepreneurs called the Heart Link Network and as a professional sales & email copywriter, social media manager, and integral part of the digital marketing team behind prominent brands such as Ziglar Inc., Les Brown, and others.

I retired from both of those careers a couple of years later.


I love teaching and training women in network marketing how to make money using social media without losing authenticity, heart, or sacrificing their priorities. 


I believe that using social media to sell things can be FUN and SIMPLE.


You can have HEART and HUSTLE.

Empowering entrepreneurs to level up their social media to get more time freedom to do what they love while keeping their family first is my superpower.

Currently, I am a trainer, speaker (in-person & virtual), and published author. I am also the social media coach for a high level inner circle mastermind.

Since we're in our empty nester era and enjoy the location-freedom that an online business allows, we lost 100 pounds together, decided to get rid of 99% of our belongings and sell our house, bought an Airstream, and hit the road!  

Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 3.46.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 3.53.52 PM.png

We travel with Loki, our 10 year old mini dachshund and when the weather is nice we enjoy hiking -- yes, even with Loki!


When we're not traveling... we're parked on our own "bougie backwoods" forest land in the mountains of North Georgia with a noisy creek, private hiking alongside the national forest, hot tub, & full hookups!


I'm glad you're here.🫶🏻 👩🏻‍🦰


Want to know more about me or have questions about what I do?  Let's connect!

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