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Live Events & Speaking


Keynote Speaker & Social Media Workshop

Jacob Salem Inner Circle


Company Trainer - National Convention & Regional Events


GoPro Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing 


GoPro Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing 

Interviews & Podcasts


Social Media Money Machine: Marketing for Profit

Writing Copy That Sells With Laura Wells

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Beach Money with Jordan Adler Podcast

Using technology with a personal touch


Direct Sales Growth Community (No Shame Sales Game)

How to talk about your business without the "ick" factor

mlm nation 306.JPG

MLM Nation with Simon Chan - Episode 306 

How to build a solid business 100% online

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MLM You Decide with Janine Finney, Flip Flop CEO - Episode 18 

When plan B becomes plan A

420 mlm nation laura wells.JPG

MLM Nation with Simon Chan - Episode 420 

How to become a social media superstar

Screen Shot 2021-11-27 at 12.03.18 AM.png

Network Marketing Breakthroughs with Rob Sperry - Episode 94

Tips for Staying Authentic While Using Social Media to Recruit

Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 11.12.08 PM.png

Work from your Happy Place with Belinda Ellsworth - Episode 1 

Empowering you to take a leap toward the happy and fulfilled life you’ve always imagined by sharing stories of successful people who have done the same.

Books & Magazines

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The Flip Flop CEO, by Janine Finney, ft. Laura Wells, et al.

(Audible and Kindle)

Flipping the Perception of Network Marketing Right Side Up

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THRIVIN' Magazine 

Featured as one of the top 16 most notable promoters

tips from the top.jpeg

Tips from the Top, Belinda Ellsworth, ft. Laura Wells, et al. 

Crack the Code on Direct Sales with 30 of the Most Powerful Women in the Industry

Momentum Makers Book with Jordan Adler

Momentum Makers, Jordan Adler, ft. Laura Wells, et al.

Network Marketing Success Tips From 24 Average People Who Made It BIG!

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