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Hi! I'm Laura and I'm super glad you're here!  👋

With over two decades of award-winning experience in the direct selling profession, including a decade on the corporate side of the industry, I am a trainer, speaker, and published author.

I have been an integral part of the digital marketing team behind prominent brands such as Ziglar Inc., Les Brown, and others as a copywriter and social media expert.

Currently, I serve as a professional Social Media coach, keynote speaker (virtually and in person) and lead a thriving multi-million dollar network marketing organization.


I gain between 5-20 new personal customers each month (literally, for over 12 years now) only from social media ...including email.


One of the things I get asked about, a LOT, is:   HOW?!   How I travel full time AND grow a VERY consistent business in network marketing from just posts on social media + stories + emails.  All organically, never using a single paid-ad.

So... I decided to jot a few things down to "brain dump". Well, I always over-deliver in literally everything I do, so... it turned into a whole entire workbook lol. 😅

I am passionate about teaching YOU everything I know about digital marketing and social selling is because it is HOW my husband and I have the location-freedom to do all the things we want to do WHEREVER we have internet... and I want you to have more options in life, too.


When you stick with me, you will get tips, encouragement, strategies and tools to level up and leverage your online presence to create more freedom and FUN in your life & biz without compromising your heart, authenticity, or priorities.

Grab this free guide, totally my gift to you.

You'll feel so relieved and excited to finally start getting the whole email thing down!


🫶🏻👩🏻‍🦰  Laura

By opting in to get this FREE ebook, you will also be subscribed to my email newsletter to receive updates and tips to help you in your business.  

I pinky swear not to share your info with anyone, only send stuff I think you'd like to know about, and you can, of course, opt out anytime! ☺︎  

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