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Be a Unicorn in Your Business

🦄 There are always going to be people who are doing it better than you think you can. Who look better than you think you do. Who are happier than you think you deserve to be.

The truth is, those people you’re watching probably feel the same things you do at some point. And y’all, I promise... if they say they never compare or feel fear, they’re lying.

Don’t 👏🏻you 👏🏻see? 👏🏻

Every human who launches something new, snaps a selfie, or decides to uplevel their life... has felt that pang of self-doubt. Fear. Overwhelm.

The most amazeballs person you see on social media has totally typed up a post, and deleted it, because they second-guessed themselves.

They have procrastinated because they got stuck in perfectionism. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I know that you (like me) have seen “unicorns” that seem like they have it all figured out.

Maybe they were born with it.


The reality is that the “unicorns” are the ones that take action.

DESPITE feeling the fear. Despite feeling overwhelm.

Despite knowing it’s not perfect.

👉🏻They are willing to run with something that’s GOOD and they work on making it GREAT as they go.

You guys, each of you have a gift.

I think sometimes we shove it down and suffocate it because of comparison, fear, and self-doubt.

Do the rest of the world a favor and show up and share your gift — especially when it’s not perfect YET.

Let people see you grow, so that they’re inspired to show up and grow, too.

PS: Happy UNICORN day!🦄 Yes, apparently it’s a thing, and I’m here for it!


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